About - Linz Welch

Photographer, Fine Artist and Seer of Things 

Linz Welch is an environmental and landscape photographer whose work has been exhibited nationally. She currently living in Tampa, FL USA. Her interest is in man's topography and the compartmentalization of place as we relate to it. She is interested in how the photograph can act as filter between viewer and place, and in its ability to reveal the truth of an environment, and a locations situation. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography, and is currently earning a Master’s of Fine Arts. Linz's approach to picture making is analytical and analogous, seeking the often-awkward relationships between object and location that tell of our relationship to the world around us through the way we arrange it. As an avid technology user, she is specifically concerned with the role digital media and photography play in contemporary society, and its mediation of the way we relate to place and each other.

Currently Engaged in M.F.A. Studies

B.F.A. Professional Photography

A.S. Digital Photography 

Based in Tampa, FL

Email: she@linzwelch.com

Find me at: 





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